Legal Separation

New Jersey Family Law Attorney – Separate with Peace of Mind

In New Jersey, there is no formal court proceeding to  establish a legal separation. Despite this, you may want to separate from your spouse without filing for divorce because you are not yet ready for divorce.  In order to protect you and your family, you should enter into a Separation Agreement.

At the Law Office of Marc P. Feldman, I have experience helping couples draft separation agreements that will be upheld by the courts if the couple later decides to seek a divorce.

A Separation Agreement is a legally binding agreement running from the time you separate until the time that you chose to file for divorce.  By entering into a Separation Agreement before you separate, you gain a greater degree of certainty and stability than by separating without a Separation Agreement.  Like all agreements, it should be negotiated between you and your spouse.  It is important that the Separation Agreement address the critical arrears of your marriage, whether they be child custody, parenting time, child support, spousal support and/or the division of property and debts. Both spouses should have the assistance of an attorney to ensure that getting full disclosure and to ensure full understanding of  the Separation Agreement.

Going through a separation is an emotional process and the results of legal proceedings can endure for decades, if not longer. You need someone who can assist you during this difficult time.  As an experience family law attorney, Marc P. Feldman can discuss your options for entering into a Separation Agreement and guide you through the process.  If you are considering separating from your spouse, please contact the Law Office of Marc P. Feldman. I can be reached at 973-267-7555, Click-To-Call or by completing your contact information on the website.

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