Spousal Support and Alimony

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Alimony is continuing financial support payments that one spouse is legally required to make to the other until death or remarriage. During a divorce, alimony is often the most contentious issue after child custody.

In deciding spousal support and the different types of alimony, New Jersey law only sets forth the factors the Court must consider (such as: length of the marriage, lifestyle during the marriage, and earning potential of the spouses to name a few), but not how these factors must be weighed or balanced against each other. Further, unlike with child support calculations, there are no guidelines or formulas that can be used to determine alimony. Instead, each Judge develops their own unique process for weighing and balancing the facts as well as their own view of the appropriate “equitable” outcome.

These unique approaches and nuances result in different Judges deciding the same cases and facts in very different ways. It is important to hire an experienced spousal support and alimony lawyer who understands your specific Judge’s approach and can craft the best specialized factual and legal arguments. New Jersey divorce lawyer Marc P. Feldman has the knowledge and experience to know which arguments to make on your behalf.

If you have questions about alimony while going through a divorce, you should contact alimony attorney at Marc P. Feldman today for expert legal counsel regarding your case.

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