What will happen with the children?

When parents get divorced, they must either agree together on how they will raise their children or the Judge will decide for them. The Judge’s final decision is based on what parenting plan is in the best interests of the children utilizing the New Jersey child custody factors set forth in the Statute.

A divorce proceeding is always complicated if there are children involved. In New Jersey, the laws surrounding custody after a divorce are complex issues. If you or someone you love has children and is going through a divorce, finding an experienced New Jersey divorce attorney is highly recommended and can save you a lifetime of problems.

The Law Office of Marc P. Feldman has years of experience in handling child custody. You should always have your lawyer draw up a comprehensive settlement plan before filing your divorce papers, which can include a custody schedule. My office can handle most every custody issue surrounding divorce, whether you are married or unmarried or have already been divorced. I will take care of all communication with the other party, draw up your demands and make a professional and considered case before the court on your behalf.

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